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The Next Big Thing in northborough post office

I am a big supporter of the northborough post office. I believe it is a great community gathering area, especially for the young and young at heart to meet, greet, and mingle. People often talk about the post office as an “old post office” that is now part of a new post office, but I […]

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post office kew gardens

I love the idea of the post office kew garden. I know what you mean about it being a “forgotten” garden. I have a similar idea for my gardens, though it is a little easier because I have a front door that leads to my front yard, and I have a large front porch so […]

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8 Effective cozy office Elevator Pitches

The first thing a new owner should do is decide on a place to work and a set of furnishings. Once the space is organized, the next step is to decide where you want your computer to be. Once you have that, you may want to consider a desk, tablet, or phone, or you may […]

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