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bassett post office

I think it was a real honor to be selected as a bassett post office customer, one that gets to see the beauty of this building every day. My family and I were able to walk through the building and shop for an entire week and not be bored. I have been so spoiled by […]

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home office wallpaper

So, your bedroom is one of those rooms that you see a lot of from the outside. You’re probably aware that there are two levels of your own space. The exterior is your living room, and the interior is your bedroom. This is a fun way to decorate your bedroom without breaking the bank. Not […]

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doctors office background

For doctors office background, a few quick tips on choosing a background that you like. The first thing to keep in mind is that doctors offices are usually well lit and well decorated. A doctor’s office background should be a good mix of colors and patterns that make it easy on the eyes to see […]

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horsham post office

I am a fan of post offices. I have a post office box in my home and when I travel, it is the first place I stop. It is also the place where I most often write, so it is a good place to stop and reflect. I remember the time I was in college, […]

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