The Most Hilarious Complaints We’ve Heard About easton post office phone number

If you get a phone call from your local post office, chances are they are not asking for you to change the phone number or to change the way you’re sending packages. They are just calling to say that they will be sending out a package, and they would like you to call them for the number.

This is just a little bit of bad news. In the past, it has happened that a post office would say, “We cannot change the zip code of these packages. It will be delivered to the address on the delivery slip.

A lot of the local post offices still send out packages to the same address. They are not asking you to change the way you post packages, but that makes the whole situation a bit weird.

But this is one of those situations where it’s not a big deal. You don’t need to change the address you are sending the package to, they are just saying to send the package to something that doesn’t already exist.

The post office does that because a lot of people dont even live in their zip code. They are just sending the package to the post office box of someone who does. And the post office box is in the same zip code as the last name on the package, so its not like you have to deal with that. I mean, it still makes the whole thing a bit weird though.

Its not weird, its logical. The post office is the only place that exists. Its a perfectly good place to send packages. The only thing is that your package might go to someone who doesnt even live in your zip code. It might go to someone who lives in Florida. Its not like you dont know that already.

Yeah, I know. It’s still weird. But the post office is the only place that exists. And no one that lives in Florida lives in my zip code.

That post office isn’t even in my zip code. I live in a different zip code and the post office is the only place in the world that has one.

Well, that is exactly what happened there. So there you go, you have a post office phone number. You say “Hello, this is easton post office.” And then, after you say the words, the post office dials the “area code” of your zip code. And your zip code is still the same as the post office.

There are many post office phones. In fact, there are hundreds of them in the world, but there are many, many different zip codes, so that post office number is just a random number you picked. But this post office phone number sure sounds like one of the many.

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