15 Undeniable Reasons to Love office pod imagines new kind remote

Office Pod is a podcast that explores the way the mind works. The podcast is part of the Office Pod Network which explores the ways the mind and body work together to create a better, more productive working environment.

At the beginning of each episode the pod host gives a brief summary of the podcast’s purpose. Then the host will read out a line from a work in progress that inspires them to create a similar line in their work. That’s pretty much it, no fancy graphics or clever music.

The podcast does have some fun moments in it with clever references to the mind and body, including a series of drawings that seem to suggest one particular part of the mind controls the rest of the body. It also includes some rather creepy experiments, like the one where a person is injected with a chemical that makes them think they have no feelings and then they are given a choice of either being shot or having their head chopped off.

I’ve always had an interest in this field. I even read a paper about it once, but I can’t remember what was the exact title. Anyway, after reading the paper I was eager to see if I could do it.

In the paper, the idea was that you are having the sensation of being hypnotised. What the paper did not mention is that the feeling is caused by a part of our brain that controls our behaviour. A few different parts of our brain are responsible for the feeling of being hypnotised, and they are each located in different areas of the brain. If we have a certain part of the brain that controls certain movements, then when we are hypnotised the rest of the brain takes over.

This phenomenon can be extremely helpful in the workplace because it can allow us to focus on tasks that can help our productivity. It has been used in the past by people who thought they were having a trance, in order to get a better look at their coworkers. For example, it might happen when you see a coworker out of the corner of your eye, and you realize that a coworker is staring over your left shoulder. You can point to it and say “that is my coworker”.

This is an example of the same phenomenon, but it’s on the other side of the brain, which takes over our thinking process and allows the brain to create an image for us. We are able to see the image of a person who is staring at us, based on the fact that we have the same physical eyes.

In the same way that our eyes can move on their own, when we point our eyes at someone, we can also think they are staring at us and we have the same physical eyes. This is an example of the same phenomenon that allows us to see the image of another person if we have the same physical eyes.

In the same way that we can see the image of someone who is looking at us, we can also see the image of someone who is staring at us, but from a different angle. In our pod, this will be a virtual “look at me,” that we must interpret.

Of course, it’s not real, but it’s close enough that it’s a fun little experiment, so be sure to head over to office pod.org to grab yourself a copy of that lovely new game.

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