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This post office is so close to me (in the neighborhood that is) that if I want to post this on my Facebook feed, I always include a photo of it. That’s because I had to see it to believe it. One of the more recent facts that I’ve learned about is that the shrewsbury post office is a part of a larger, very old, and extremely remote town in the southwestern corner of England.

One of the many mysteries of the shrewsbury post office is that the name’shurtlesbury’ has changed from a medieval (and probably pagan) term to a modern, religious term.

If you think that the shrewsbury post office is ancient, you definitely have no idea what you’re talking about. There are a ton of buildings in and around it that are from the 13th, early 14th, and 16th century. One of them is a church that is made out of wood. Most of the buildings are old, but some of them are very old.

In this context it means that the buildings are actually made out of wood, and a religion that is made out of wood is ancient. In reality, the shrewsbury post office is one of three post offices in England set up as synagogues by a group of Jews who lived in a rural area of England during the 1800s. The other two are in Scotland and Ireland.

The shrewsbury post office was a synagogue that was made by the Jews in the 1800s and it was built in an area of England that had not been settled since the 15th century. The building is built with timbers and wooden beams, and it is made of wooden wood. The synagogue was made out of wood and was built during the 1800s, but it was not a synagogue and was not a Jewish institution.

It’s really a testament to the ingenuity of the Jews of the 1800s that in this building they could have managed to make a building that was not only functional, but was also beautiful and functional. It’s also cool that they designed an entire building of wood and beams, but that’s not all. They actually managed to design a building that was designed to be a post office.

It’s not exactly a “post office” though. It’s a church, where the main purpose is to store the mail (or whatever you think postal service is) and to house the members of your congregation. As a religious institution, if you need to mail your mail or a letter to a certain address, the main concern is to make sure its delivered to the proper address.

I mean, I love the building, and I love the attention it receives, but even this one has its limits. It is a post office, but it is not as efficient as it’s made out to be. The church is so big that the only way to get mail inside it is to use a letter carrier. There is not a way to check on the mail being delivered, or to see if it’s been delivered.

The only thing that is a little bit better is the fact that the only thing that can be checked is that the mail is delivered to the correct address. The church has its own postal department and even they don’t know if the mail is really being delivered. While this is important, the biggest problem is that even the postal service still doesn’t know for sure if the mail is really being delivered to the correct address.

The shrewsbury post office is the only one of their kind in the state. And they arent exactly a welcoming bunch either. When I first came to town, they had a post office that was staffed by two guys, one of them a complete tool, who would give you shit for being in town, then walk away. They also had a post office in the city with a couple of guys in it, all of them total tool.

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