The recent UEFA Champions League clash between FC Barcelona and SSC Napoli at the Camp Nou stadium showcased an intense battle between two of Europe’s top football clubs. As passionate fans eagerly analyzed every play, tackle, and goal, it’s essential to delve deeper into the match statistics to gain a clearer understanding of the game’s dynamics. Let’s break down the key elements of the encounter to provide a detailed analysis of FC Barcelona vs. SSC Napoli match statistics.

Possession and Passing Accuracy:

  • Possession: FC Barcelona dominated possession throughout the game, controlling 65% of the ball compared to SSC Napoli’s 35%. This reflects Barcelona’s trademark style of play, emphasizing ball retention and building up from the back.
  • Passing Accuracy: Barcelona displayed exceptional passing accuracy, completing 89% of their passes, highlighting their technical proficiency and ability to maintain control. In contrast, Napoli struggled slightly with a passing accuracy of 82%, indicating the pressure exerted by Barcelona’s high pressing.

Shots on Goal and Efficiency:

  • Shots Taken: Barcelona unleashed a total of 15 shots during the match, with 8 of them on target. In contrast, Napoli managed 10 shots, with 4 on target. Barcelona’s attacking prowess was evident, with their forwards creating more opportunities to test the Napoli goalkeeper.
  • Shot Conversion: Barcelona’s clinical finishing was on display, as they converted 2 of their shots into goals, showcasing their efficiency in the final third. On the other hand, Napoli struggled to convert their chances, only managing to score 1 goal from their attempts.

Defensive Organization and Disciplinary Actions:

  • Tackles and Interceptions: Barcelona’s defensive unit was solid, executing 20 tackles and 15 interceptions to disrupt Napoli’s attacking rhythm. Napoli, on the other hand, made 18 tackles and 10 interceptions but faced more significant challenges in containing Barcelona’s attacking threats.
  • Fouls Committed: The match saw a total of 23 fouls committed, with Barcelona accounting for 12 fouls and Napoli for 11 fouls**. Both teams displayed competitiveness, resulting in a physical encounter with several stoppages.

Set Pieces and Duels:

  • Corners and Free Kicks: Barcelona earned 6 corner kicks and 9 free kicks, utilizing these set-piece opportunities to create scoring chances. In comparison, Napoli won 4 corner kicks and 7 free kicks, highlighting their intent to exploit dead-ball situations.
  • Duels Won: Barcelona emerged victorious in 57 duels out of 98, showcasing their ability to win individual battles on the field. Napoli won 41 duels out of 98, indicating their resilience but ultimately falling short in key confrontations.


In conclusion, the match statistics of FC Barcelona vs. SSC Napoli offer valuable insights into the game’s outcome and each team’s performance. Barcelona’s dominance in possession, efficient attacking play, solid defense, and prowess in set-piece situations were defining factors in their victory. Napoli, while showcasing moments of quality, struggled to match Barcelona’s intensity and clinical edge. By analyzing these statistics, football enthusiasts and analysts can appreciate the nuances of the game and gain a deeper appreciation for the sport’s tactical intricacies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which team had the higher possession in the FC Barcelona vs. SSC Napoli match?
  2. FC Barcelona controlled 65% of the possession, while SSC Napoli had 35% possession.

  3. How many shots did FC Barcelona take during the match?

  4. Barcelona took a total of 15 shots, with 8 shots on target.

  5. What was the passing accuracy of SSC Napoli in the game?

  6. SSC Napoli had a passing accuracy of 82% during the match.

  7. How many tackles did Barcelona make in the game?

  8. Barcelona executed 20 tackles and 15 interceptions to disrupt Napoli’s attacks.

  9. Which team won more duels in the FC Barcelona vs. SSC Napoli match?

  10. Barcelona won 57 duels out of 98, compared to Napoli’s 41 duels out of 98.

  11. What was the disciplinary record in terms of fouls committed in the match?

  12. The match witnessed a total of 23 fouls, with Barcelona committing 12 fouls and Napoli committing 11 fouls.

  13. How many goals did FC Barcelona convert from their shots?

  14. Barcelona converted 2 of their shots into goals during the game.

  15. What key factors contributed to Barcelona’s victory over SSC Napoli?

  16. Barcelona’s possession dominance, efficient attacking play, solid defense, and success in set-piece situations were crucial in their win.

  17. Did SSC Napoli struggle with shot conversion in the match?

  18. Yes, Napoli managed to score only 1 goal from their 10 shots, indicating difficulties in converting chances.

  19. How did Barcelona fare in passing accuracy compared to SSC Napoli?

    • Barcelona displayed a passing accuracy of 89%, while SSC Napoli had an accuracy of 82%, showcasing Barcelona’s superior ball control.