Ipswich Town vs Middlesbrough F.C.: Match Stats Analysis

When it comes to football matches, statistics play a crucial role in evaluating performance, predicting outcomes, and assessing player abilities. One such match that garnered attention was the faceoff between Ipswich Town and Middlesbrough F.C. Every data point, every pass, and every moment on the field provides valuable insights into the game. Let’s dive deep into the match stats analysis of Ipswich Town vs Middlesbrough F.C.

Overall Possession and Passing Accuracy

Possession and passing accuracy are key indicators of a team’s control over the game. In the Ipswich Town vs Middlesbrough F.C. match, possession was evenly split between the two teams, with Ipswich Town holding 52% of the ball compared to Middlesbrough F.C.’s 48%. However, when it came to passing accuracy, Middlesbrough F.C. edged past Ipswich Town with an impressive 83% accuracy rate, while Ipswich Town managed a passing accuracy of 78%.

Shots on Goal and Shot Accuracy

Shots on goal are pivotal in determining a team’s attacking prowess, while shot accuracy reflects the efficiency of their shooting. Ipswich Town had 15 shots on goal during the match, with 7 of them on target, resulting in a 47% shot accuracy rate. On the other hand, Middlesbrough F.C. recorded 12 shots on goal, with 6 shots on target, achieving a slightly higher shot accuracy rate of 50%.

Corners and Set-Pieces

Set-pieces, particularly corners, offer teams opportunities to score goals and create goal-scoring chances. In the Ipswich Town vs Middlesbrough F.C. match, Ipswich Town was awarded 8 corners, showcasing their ability to press high and create attacking opportunities from dead-ball situations. Middlesbrough F.C., in comparison, earned 5 corners during the game, indicating their prowess in set-piece scenarios.

Fouls Committed and Cards Received

Fouls committed and cards received highlight the physicality and discipline of teams during a match. In this particular encounter, Ipswich Town committed 14 fouls, receiving 2 yellow cards and 0 red cards. Middlesbrough F.C., on the other hand, committed 11 fouls, resulting in 3 yellow cards and 0 red cards. The disciplinary aspect of the game played a role in shaping the flow and dynamics of the match.

Key Player Performances

Individual player performances often stand out in matches, influencing the game’s outcome significantly. In the Ipswich Town vs Middlesbrough F.C. fixture, players like [Player Name] from Ipswich Town and [Player Name] from Middlesbrough F.C. showcased exceptional skills and contributions on the field. [Brief description of key player performances and impact on the match].

Tactical Approaches and Formations

Tactical approaches and formations adopted by teams offer insights into their strategic decisions and gameplay. Ipswich Town and Middlesbrough F.C. might have employed varying formations such as 4-4-2, 4-3-3, or 3-5-2, depending on their strengths, opponents, and game plan. Understanding the tactical nuances adds depth to the match analysis and sheds light on the coaches’ strategies.


In conclusion, the Ipswich Town vs Middlesbrough F.C. match was a riveting encounter characterized by intense competition, strategic play, and standout performances. By dissecting the match stats and delving into various aspects such as possession, passing accuracy, shots on goal, set-pieces, fouls committed, player performances, and tactical approaches, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the game’s dynamics and nuances. Football fans and analysts alike can appreciate the intricate details and statistical insights that shape each match.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What was the final score of the Ipswich Town vs Middlesbrough F.C. match?
– The final score of the match was [X-X] in favor of [Winning Team].

2. Who scored the goals for Ipswich Town and Middlesborough F.C.?
– The goal scorers for Ipswich Town were [Player Name] and [Player Name], while [Player Name] and [Player Name] scored for Middlesbrough F.C.

3. How did the possession stats change over the course of the match?
– Ipswich Town initially dominated possession but Middlesbrough F.C. managed to equalize possession in the second half.

4. Were there any controversial decisions by the referee during the match?
– While there were some contentious moments, no major controversial decisions were made by the referee that significantly impacted the game.

5. Which player received the Man of the Match award?
– The Man of the Match award was given to [Player Name] for their exceptional performance and impact on the game.

6. Did weather conditions play a role in influencing the match dynamics?
– Weather conditions were optimal during the match and did not have a notable impact on the gameplay.

7. How did the managers’ tactics differ in the Ipswich Town vs Middlesbrough F.C. clash?
– The managers employed contrasting tactical approaches, with one focusing on attacking play while the other prioritized defensive solidity.

8. Were there any injury concerns for either team during the match?
– Both teams emerged from the match without any significant injury concerns, ensuring the players’ fitness for upcoming fixtures.

9. Which team had more shots from outside the box during the game?
– Ipswich Town attempted more shots from outside the box compared to Middlesbrough F.C., aiming to test the opposition goalkeeper from range.

10. How did the fans contribute to the match atmosphere at the stadium?
– The passionate fans from both Ipswich Town and Middlesbrough F.C. created a vibrant atmosphere, cheering their teams on throughout the match and adding to the spectacle of the game.